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After Hours 2020 Album

After Hours After Hours
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56m 19s
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After Hours is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer the Weeknd, released on March 20, 2020, by XO and Republic Records. It was produced primarily by the Weeknd, along with a variety of producers such as DaHeala, Illangelo, Max Martin, Metro Boomin, and OPN, most of whom the Weeknd had worked with previously.
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1. Alone Again 4m 10s
2. Too Late 3m 59s
3. Hardest to Love 3m 31s
4. Scared to Live 3m 11s
5. Snowchild 4m 7s
6. Escape from LA 5m 55s
7. Heartless 3m 21s
8. Faith 4m 43s
9. Blinding Lights 3m 21s
10. In Your Eyes 3m 57s
11. Save Your Tears 3m 35s
12. Repeat After Me (Interlude) 3m 15s
13. After Hours 6m 1s
14. Until I Bleed Out 3m 12s


All Reviews
I've given this a few spins and it's an enjoyable listen. Nothing touches the best few from 'Starboy' though. I can't see myself playing anything from this as much as I did the title track from the aforementioned album. The main issue I have with this album isn't exclusive to this release; I don't find Abel's vocals close to the best of them. At times I find him one-paced, whiny and a lil' annoying. Some of the lyrics too - "Stack a couple M's like I was Shady" - if the man he is referring to wrote some of these corny lines the hate would be vitriolic. The first song is boring, and 'Escape From LA' gets tedious, but aside from that, it's a consistent run of synthpop tracks. The bonus tracks and remixes are well worth checking out too. His most consistent album. 3.5-4 Best Tracks: Hardest to Love, Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears, Nothing Compares, Blinding Lights (Chromatics Remix)


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