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Doolittle 1989 Album

Doolittle Doolittle
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38m 38s
United Kingdom
Release Dates
Doolittle is the second studio album by the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989. It was the Pixies' first international release. The album's offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the newly hired producer Gil Norton. Pixies released two singles from Doolittle, "Here Comes Your Man" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven", both of which were chart successes on the US chart for Modern Rock Tracks. The album itself reached #8 on the UK Albums Chart, an unexpected success for the band. In retrospect, album tracks such as "Debaser", "Wave of Mutilation", "Monkey Gone to Heaven", "Gouge Away", and "Hey" are highly acclaimed by critics and the album is often seen as the band's strongest work. Doolittle has continued to sell consistently well in the years since its release, and in 1995 it was certified gold. The album has been cited as inspirational by many alternative artists, while numerous music publications have ranked it as one of the most influential albums ever. A 2003 poll of NME writers ranked Doolittle as the second-greatest album of all time, Rolling Stone placed the album at #227 on its list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time", and Pitchfork ranked it as the 4th best album of the 80s.
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1. Debaser 2m 52s
2. Tame 1m 55s
3. Wave Of Mutilation 2m 4s
4. I Bleed 2m 34s
5. Here Comes Your Man 3m 21s
6. Dead 2m 21s
7. Monkey Gone To Heaven 2m 57s
8. Mr. Grieves 2m 5s
9. Crackity Jones 1m 24s
10. La La Love You 2m 43s
11. No. 13 Baby 3m 51s
12. There Goes My Gun 1m 49s
13. Hey 3m 31s
14. Silver 2m 25s
15. Gouge Away 2m 45s


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