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We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service 2016 Album

We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service
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2. The Space Program 5m 41s
3. We The People.... 2m 52s
4. Whateva Will Be 2m 53s
5. Solid Wall Of Sound 3m 43s
6. Dis Generation 3m 34s
7. Kids... 3m 48s
8. Melatonin 4m 45s
9. Enough!! 3m 21s
11. Mobius 2m 52s
12. Black Spasmodic 3m 4s
13. The Killing Season 2m 44s
14. Lost Somebody 4m 19s
15. Movin Backwards 4m 42s
16. Conrad Tokyo 3m 32s
17. Ego 3m 18s
18. The Donald 5m 22s


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I tried this some time after it dropped but nothing caught my attention and I don't think I even finished it. Going back to it now, my early thoughts remain and I'm still scratching my head. Q-Tip was apoplectic about not being awarded a Grammy for this!? It has a near 4/5 rating? In some circles it's ranked as a top 30 rap album of all time? 'Melatonin' was the first song to get me moving. 'Kids...' was the first with any noticeable rapping, thanks to Andre. While some of the lyrics in 'We the People' caught my attention, it was for their simplicity/stupidity rather than anything good. It gets better with the second disc, continuing on from the end of the first with the production getting more funky. Q isn't the most attention grabbing rapper, which is more noticeable with not a lot going on with the beats at times, with the features being the most memorable vocals. At times the vocals sound like they've been mixed too low compared to the beats. Some of the instrumental outros/portions of the songs go on for too long/are repetitive. It develops into a good/decent album after a boring beginning but I don't know, there isn't anything amazing here and it's way more than a couple of tenths out of five away from their best work and it isn't near the top 30 of the genre. Best Tracks: Kids..., Melatonin, The Killing Season, Conrad Tokyo


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