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The Last of Us 2013 Game

The Last of Us The Last of Us
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United States
Release Dates
2013-06-14 WW, PS3 2014-08-01 UK, PS4 2014-07-30 PAL, PS4 2014-07-29 NA, PS4
PS3, PS4
The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game.
Other Roles
Neil Druckmann
Neil Druckmann
Director / Writer
Annie Wersching
Annie Wersching
Tess (Voice)
Bruce Straley
Bruce Straley


All Reviews
I completed this on normal difficulty and enjoyed the game. However, like Naughty Dog's previous creation, Uncharted, this game is made well, but does originality mean anything anymore? There is little if anything this adds to the gaming experience. I felt engaged with the story but the gameplay never really wowed me. I think the best of the best games provide memorable/wow moments. I felt immeasurably more attached to other games I've been playing around this time like Heavy Rain. Although it's probably unfair to compare it to that as I found Heavy Rain to be a rare gaming experience. Things don't quite make sense sometimes either, like when the need to reload goes out the window at certain times. The whole find a ladder or a pallet co-op with Ellie is incredibly repetitive and surely Naughty Dog could have mixed it up more there. One or two checkpoints are not well-thought-out either, with the game placing you right in the thick of it straight away. I also disliked the ending... They should have provided the gamer with a choice in my opinion. On a positive note, the AI is good. Unlike in many stealth orientated games where enemies will walk around in circles, they are less predictable which is perhaps its biggest original gameplay feature. It also offers a good mixture of stealth, third person shooting, storytelling and a near frightening moment or two. To finish, shame on the developers for copying Ellen Page's likeness when she was featured in a game to be released not long after this! 7.5-8/10


There is no point in making another zombie game after this. This also has one of the saddest scenes in VG history. And one of the best revenge scenes as well.
ellen page as a similar item lol
this has got to be my favorite game of all time. i just love the story so much.
sometimes i rewatch the ending to hear ellie say that devastating "okay" to partially relive how great this game is.
A good litmus test for a psycho is to have them play the first 20 minutes of this game and see if their face is dry at the end.
in a few years they'll make a movie out of this and it'll be terrible.
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