Suspicious Vapid Fools
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Doesn't know what vapid means.
@StreetsDisciple Actually, Whedon isn't arrested. You'd know that if you actually cared enough about the victims. You are making a lot of assumptions about me and my beliefs. You clearly love R. Kelly despite him being a rapist bastard that never apologized. I never said I wanted them to entertain me, because they don't, and never will. They deserve to rot. Do you understand, scumbag? You can't love rapists, they will ruin your life. They literally never gave you anything, and they never will. Stop living in the past. Fly home, asshole. You can look at my profile, but you can never judge what wasn't there. The "me" you believe I am, doesn't exist. I only know who I am, but I know who you are. Pathetic, weak, and self-doubting. You know you're wrong, but can't admit, because you don't let yourself. Bye bye, little dick.
@StreetsDisciple Haha you thought you were smart. Do you not like fiction? Your five stars seem to say that- OH WAIT! That's the thing! Everyone is different! You like that, someone else likes that, someone else doesn't, someone else finds it okay, and someone else knows when to not disrespect someone's opinion. You killed yourself recently? Of course not, you're typing! Oh wait, you did kill yourself... IN MY MIND! >:) It feels so good to be myself. What are you? Do you like being yourself? Are you even yourself? Let me sing you a song! Never mind I forgot the lyrics and I also forgot who you were! You don't deserve a song! You are a neuron-deficient piece of shit that can't even go one block without embarrassing himself in front of mommy. Checkmate! Go mate with a frog and get blood clots in your legs you sexist ballsack! :P
Hey you two, go easy on StreetsDisciple. He's just a kid. A whiny, "big and tough", obnoxious, and very incompetent kid. He's just trying to act like his uncle. His dead uncle. You like being dead people, Disciple? I understand, because sometimes I wish I was my brother. Except my brother was cool, and you're not. He also didn't assume people's sex and gender. Oh what a show you made. Anyway guys, let's leave the baby alone. He just crawled here to act like a god and leave. He's shaking. He's shaking and I love it. I almost forgot how fun this could get; watching people think they're the center of the universe. Don't sink in the sandbox.
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