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...in which i attempt to rate 100 different albums

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "7 Rings" Favorite lyric: "Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch Who would have thought it'd turn me to a savage?" this album was better than i expected it to be but the hits were still the best songs on it

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Bukowski" Favorite lyric: "If God takes life, he's an Indian giver" i didn't like this album as much as i thought i would but the songs I did like, I liked a lot ("Float On", "Bukowski", and "The World at Large")

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Graffiti" Favorite lyric: "Time to kill was always an illusion" ok so my friend recommended this album to me and i liked it, but i felt like "Graffiti" was the best song and after that i was kinda disappointed. it was still p good tho

Album 3.55

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "clementine" Favorite lyric: "Wish I could see what it's like to be the blood in my veins Do the insides of all of my fingers still look the same?" so i finally listened to the whole album and it was actually really good. not as good as Badlands but better than Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Rating: 5/5 Favorite song: "Not Today" Favorite lyric: "You waste all this time trying to get to me, but you are out of my mind" i'm so glad i gave this album a second chance bc its bangin

Rating: 4.5/5 Favorite song: "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)" Favorite lyric: "There's nothing more cruel than to be loved by everybody but you" this album was a lot better than i thought it was. there were definitely some bops on here

Album 4.75

Rating: 5/5 Favorite song: "Schism" Favorite lyric: "There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away" this album is fantastic. i have zero complaints

Rating: 5/5 Favorite song: "Pneuma" Favorite lyric: "We are spirit Bound to this flesh We go around one foot nailed down We're bound to reach out and beyond this flesh Become Pneuma" this album is one of tool's best imo. it was so damn good

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Big Bad Wolf" Favorite lyric: "Even in these chains, you can't stop me" this album was kinda disappointing but "big bad wolf" is a banger

Rating: 4.5/5 Favorite song: "Disguise" Favorite lyric: "I am locked within the box I built From the inside out Reassured by my doubt" ok mostly motionless in white isn't that good but this album was pretty lit

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Sunflower" Favorite lyric: "I know I always come and go But it's out of my control" this album wasn't as good as i wanted it to be, but there were still a few bangers on there. i really liked the singles like "goodbyes" and "wow" but also "allergic" and "take what you want" (ozzy???? what???)

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Show & Tell" Favorite lyric: "Tell me you love me, but you treat me like I'm never there" i was p disappointed by this album, ngl. it just wasn't as good as it could have been. like, the first half was kinda funky and then the second half was just boring. "show & tell" and "wheels on the bus" are bops tho

Rating: 3/5 Favorite song: "Quarter Past Midnight" Favorite lyric: "Why are we always chasing after something Like we trying to throw our lives away" this album was kinda lame. a lot of the songs weren't as catchy as i wanted them to be and some just sounded the same. boo

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Money" (does that even count) Favorite lyric: "Money, it's a crime" this album was really mediocre. most of the songs sounded exactly the same and weren't very catchy at all. like, the best song here was a freakin cover, my guy. u can do better om&m

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "TalkTalk" Favorite lyric: "Try walking your talk or get the fuck out of my way" this album was mostly good. v techno groovy, especially "get the lead out"

Rating: 4.5/5 Favorite song: "Do You Hear the People Sing?" Favorite lyric: "Will you stand up and take your chance?" bruh i mean it's les mis so of course it's good but i felt like the movie did it better (don't hate me). the movie just had more emotion i guess?? but this is still good

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Jumpsuit" Favorite lyric: "If you need anyone I'll stop my plans But you'll have to tie me down and then break both my hands" ok so jumpsuit was a banger but the rest of the album wasn't as good. it wasn't bad, just not as good. i also loved the lyrics to neon gravestones

Rating: 4.5/5 Favorite song: "Black Mass" Favorite lyric: "It's strange relating with the lamb to the slaughter" bruh this album is so good?? why did i put off listening to it for so long????? bruh. this is highkey one of my favorite albums now dont look at me

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Babylon" Favorite lyric: "Burn too bright, now the fire's gone" (i feel like i've been rating everything 4/5??) this album had potential to be great but a lot of the songs didn't quite cut it. "youngblood" and "babylon" were the best songs, they were funky as hell

Album 3.82

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Perfect Places" Favorite lyric: "What the fuck are perfect places anyway?" i liked a lot of the lyrics in this album but the beats just kinda sounded too random for me in some songs. "perfect places" is a banger tho

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Lavender Bay" Favorite lyric: "I got something I can hold in my hands, you got a 9 to 5" ok so this album had some good pop punk-y jams. i wish i had listened to it before i saw trophy eyes last year but i'm glad that i listened to it now bc i enjoyed it.

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Don't Take the Money" Favorite lyric: "You steal the air out of my lungs" so this album was ok and a few songs were like... borderline bops? but not quite. honestly a lot of this album was just all over the place

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino" Favorite lyric: "Do you celebrate your dark side Then wish you'd never left the house?" this album was weird but cool. very chill. i don't think i could have found a better album to listen to while high

Album 4

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Krigsgaldr" Favorite lyric: "What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall But you only understand the language of the sword" ok so a lot of these songs were really unique and cool and i enjoyed them. but a lot of songs sounded really similar, too.

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Right Hand Man" Favorite lyric: HERE COMES THE GENERALLLL [lowkey crying in the club at the end] ok so my friends have been trying to get me to listen to hamilton for forever and yeah ok i admit it is funky. and maybe even a little bit....fresh

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "Malibu" Favorite lyric: "We are just like the waves that flow back and forth" this album was a LOT better than i expected it to be. from what i've heard of her previous, more experimental albums, i didn't think her newer music was very good. but this album is actually decent. lots of chill yet funky beats.

Rating: 3.5/5 Favorite song: "You" Favorite lyric: "You don't know me like you think you do You don't know I'm just as bad as you" i didn't think that this album was as bad as some people are saying it is but it certainly isn't as good as her previous releases. it was a lot more boring and didn't have as many funky beats as froot and electra heart but the lyrics did seem more raw and personal.

Album 3

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "The Dark" Favorite lyric: "I see through your eyes You breathe with my lungs I strain with your ear to make out The words your mother sung" this album was pretty good but i feel like if i don't listen to the album again, a lot of these songs are going to be really forgettable.

Album 3.13

Rating: 4/5 Favorite song: "Sober" Favorite lyric: "There's a shadow just behind me, Shrouding every step I take, Making every promise empty, Pointing every finger at me." this album was a lot better than i expected. i had heard a lot of good things about tool, but when i tried listening to them when i was younger i didn't really like their music. but i gave them another shot today and i?? don't know why i ever disliked them. they're amazing. "Sober" was by far the best song on this album but all the others were pretty good too.


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