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100 album reviews, 2 sentences each, no particular order. let's go.

it's essentially a more upbeat, poppy version of 151a, though the lyricism feels much more solid here. it may drag a bit towards the end, but overall, it's a pretty fun listen. best tracks: The Ballad of Mr. Steak, Carry On Phenomenon, Once Upon a Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans)

the thing i appreciate the most about this album is its use of more distorted and glitchy instrumentation to simulate the mental turmoil expressed thoughout the record. probably the best thing to come out of the pandemic. best tracks: forever, claws, enemy, c2.0, party 4 u

the way this record cleanly balances danceable beats with emotional melodies makes it daft punk's best to date. it feels like the culmination of all of their past work all rolled up into one glorious passion project. best tracks: Giorgio by Moroder, Within, Touch, Doin' it Right

what other album can you get a legitimately moving, angelic choral piece immediately followed by a dubstep song about pizza? knower rulez. best tracks: Hanging On, The Government Knows, All Time, More Than Just Another Try

[usa]'s sound feels much grander in scope than endless fantasy, utilizing more live instrumentation in conjunction with anamanaguchi's signature chiptune style as if to simulate a crossroads between the real and virtual realms. what results is a grand auditory adventure that never gets stale with each track. best tracks: Air On Line, Overwriting Incorporate, B S X, Up to You, We Die


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