Citizen Albums Ranked Worst to Best
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Modified at: 2021-09-15 10:27pm
A ranking of every album by the emo/alternative rock band, Citizen.

8.2/10. The only Citizen album that has songs I don't like. (Namely Weave Me and Yellow Love). Still has a ton of great songs, though.

9.2/10. Almost a masterpiece, there are no bad or even mediocre tracks on here. There are some weaker ones, however.

Album 3.75

9.2/10. Only slightly better than As You Please. I really struggled with which of these I like better, but eventually I decided this one is just a bit more consistent. Both are near masterpieces, though.

10/10. One of the greatest albums of all time. Will probably go down as my favorite album of the 2020s, or at least top five.


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