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1h 36m
United States
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Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.
Christopher Plummer
Christopher Plummer
Charles F. Muntz (voice)
Ed Asner
Ed Asner
Carl Fredricksen (voice)
Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson
Dug / Alpha (voice)
Delroy Lindo
Delroy Lindo
Beta (voice)
Jordan Nagai
Jordan Nagai
Russell (voice)
David Kaye
David Kaye
Newsreel Announcer
Other Roles


All Reviews
"I didn't ask for any of this!" -Carl Fredricksen I find a lot about each well-screened individual in the film to be relatable and likable, so unfortunately I don't like this movie. Here are my opinions, because I know everyone can feel how they want, and so can I. One thing is, it frustrates me how the jerks in the motion picture Carl sees in the beginning don't believe Muntz, and for some reason they took away his membership without acknowledging his proof-filled accomplishments. I hate when these things happen and I hate those people. Muntz goes back to South America to look for the bird, and became obsessed, but this wouldn't have happened if those jerks had just believed him and had been open-minded to new anatomy! Another thing, Carl is unlikable and equally likable throughout the movie. He loved his wife, but he killed his hero. He saved his friends, but he could have just led Muntz to the bird once he realized it was Kevin, therefore avoiding any death. Also, it is assumed Muntz killed the other people who came near the bird's area, but Muntz never said he killed anyone, he just has their helmets. Muntz could have just made sure they did not get in his way and they just died natural ways. There is no newspaper scene in the movie that suggests anyone was worried about people disappearing near Paradise Falls, so maybe he just scared them off. Alpha, he is my favorite dog, but apparently everyone loses respect for him once they hear his high-pitched voice; how bully-like are these dogs? The dogs constantly eat other people's food, make fun of what others can not control, and make jokes about dead squirrels. The dogs are cruel and bad, in my opinion, though I guess it is ironic that I like Alpha the best. Main cast humans aren't black, though a lot of movies do this, I am used to Pixar being inclusive in a smart way, so I am disappointed that this movie does not have leading black characters in it. The comedy, though I like it, it is also disappointing for me because the comedy gets in the way of the plot. The Russell gag of him climbing the hose but not being able to get up strikes me as unfunny and dumb. Russell is kind of annoying, so why didn't they write it so Russell can't hoist Carl up, and then just stays in the house while Carl does not? Russell uses Carl's dead wife to try to get Carl to keep Kevin, and that is manipulation and disrespecting the dead. Russell irks me so much, and apparently Russell using manipulation is supposed to make us laugh, but is does not make me laugh because Russell can not understand an old guy's pain and uses manipulation to try to keep a WILD animal. Russell also not only commits those crimes, but also STEALS from Carl before the climax. Which reminds me, that zeppelin is stolen from a dead Charles Muntz, so Carl and Russel both commit that crime. Kevin, she only annoys Carl and antagonizes Dug. She pretty is the start of the pain because she is the bird Muntz is looking for, and if Kevin had not been so hard to get then Muntz would have gone home to be welcomed as the truth-sayer he claimed to be. Russell, again, a stupid loser who makes Muntz hate them. If Russell had just said that the bird looked familiar then maybe Muntz would liked to know where it could be, and he would have not thought they were trying to get the bird. Russell though, was a stupid dumb idiot who was not listening to what Muntz was saying and then started say things that sounded like a plot to capture the bird, and if Russell had just LISTENED then he could have tried to collaborate with Muntz and capture Kevin and safely bring her to the United States and then bring her back to her babies, and Carl could have looked after the babies while they were gone. Charles could have been forgiven for any sins, been finally happy, been finally have a sense of peace, and finally know he could trust another human. However, Russell ruined that. The action is not too exciting to me either. They run, they dodge, they fight, and they jump. Lots of running and evading, and no realism to how Russell survived getting killed by falling pillars. Apparently, the dogs can easily get fooled by someone shouting about a squirrel, and that seems stupid to me because they should know a squirrel is not in the sky, or even in South American wilderness at all. Also, bouncing balls distract them as well. Also, why does the people in the beginning of the construction part of the movie not show up again? It seemed to me that the movie was setting them up to be important. Also, the writers seem to think it is funny when the villain dies in a young person movie, and this villain happens to just want a bird to show the jerks that did not believe him. I hate when other movies do this as well. Somehow the house lands on Paradise Falls in the exact way the drawing pictured it. How?! Also, Muntz body is not visible, even though I believe he would have landed nearby since he fell close to the house. Carl has too few balloons to float the house, and how did he buy the helium and balloons to that many anyway? That still must have cost a lot of money to get that amount he had to inflate up like that. Also, how did Carl that in ONE night? The porch, both Carl and Dug mention being under the porch of the house at different times, but they aren't visible under the porch when you see scenes of the house floating. Also, Carl is apparently the good guy, but he constantly hurts other people. I like Carl, but I do not get why kids like him. Carl yelled at a dog, yelled at a bird, yelled at a kid, and beat on a guy. Carl caused someone to bleed, and he kills Muntz indirectly and does not seem to care that his hero fell to his death right front of him. End.
Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. First fifteen minutes are brilliant and a highlight, the rest is funny, dramatic, and vibrant. R8 8/8 gotta appreciate except not because it’s great but not perfecto so 8/10 instead


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