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JetSet (Josh King Madrid) JetSet (Josh King Madrid)

JetSet (Josh King Madrid)

AKA: JetSet, JetSetFly, Josh King 'JetSet' Madrid, Josh Madrid, Josh King Madrid
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United States
JetSet (Josh King Madrid) best known as just "JetSet", is an American internet celebrity, JETSET LIFE HACKS & The Art Of Frame Control author, Josh King Madrid On The Dropout Degree Show host, Millionaire Dropout artist, NFT Magazine founder, neuromarketer, NLP coach, public speaker and serial entrepreneur. Josh Madrid is a Millionaire Dropout from UCI and made his first $1 million at 19. Since then JetSet has generated hundreds of thousands of leads and have sold over $20 million dollars in products and services online, with $10 million of that as a "Crypto Bro" inside of the NFT space in 2021-2022. He writes for NFTMagazine.com, Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company Executive Board, Forbes Council and Rolling Stone Council.


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