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United States
Youngstown, early 70s - loud, obnoxious, in your face rock-n-roll was summarized by two words - Left End. Left End took elements of boogie rock, glam, and early heavy metal coupled with the attitude of Youngstown's tough working class town and delivered with the subtlety of a metal stamper. People loved 'em or hated 'em, and that's the way Left End wanted it. Left End was formed by veterans of local garage and R&B bands. Lead singer and the 'Face' of Left end was Dennis Sesonsky, who adopted the name "Dennis T Menass". Dennis had been in the Pied Pipers. Lead guitarist Tom Figinsky and drummer Pat "Patsy" Palumbo had been in the Cherry Paup. Guitarist Jim Puhalla had been in the Hi-Guys. Roy Guerrari joined as bass player. The group without Dennis has played as the Soulsations but whatever soul sounds were long gone by the time the five members started playing out in February, 1971. Left End started got a quick reputation as the "band you love to hate" in the local clubs like the Apartment and they made the jump to the Cleveland area in a hurry. They recorded their first record in late '72, a couple songs at Peppermint that were released on the studio label. The songs sound like a band still searching for 'their' sound. By the time their next record came out in April '73, there was no doubt what they were about. The 45 "Bad Talkin' Lady" was issued on red vinyl as if the band was out for blood....and through their manager Steve Friedman, they may well have been. The band had the image of confrontation and some of the audience went a bit too far and would throw things at the band. The band released their one and only album in 1975. Signed to Polydor records, the LP contained live favorites like "Loser" and "Bad Talkin' Lady". One look at the LP cover would tell ya if Left End was for you! The LP was selling well but apparently a record company shake-up resulted in the band's corporate advocates getting sacked. The LP was deleted and the momentum lost. Left End continued to record over the years, including a EP called "Ridin' Again" in the early 80s.
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