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I hated it. Ron Perlman voices Deathstroke again, and it bothers me. Batman using guns!?!? What?!?! Even if it's Thomas don't you think that he wouldn't use the weapon that murdered his son!? He does in this movie though! In the comic he doesn't use guns, just like Bruce! He stabbed Thawne, not shoot him through the head, God! I hate this movie! The animation was good though, and Aquaman was cool. That is all of the compliments. The comic spent time building up Cyborg's team, and this movie just throws in the kids and that's it. Stupid. The kids got more time to be developed in the comic, though the movie does give their fight with Wonder Woman more screentime. That's another thing, it's not bad, but this movie is more action oriented than the comic. The comic had fights, but they felt short. This movie has action that takes more time. The movie could have been shorter, but I guess everything has to be a spectacle so action was everywhere in this movie and it took longer than the comic. Why make it longer? The comic was not perfect, but why make something that is more bloated and takes up more lifetime to spend? Could have just been like the comic and keep it like that. It irks me so much. I am ranting I guess, so call me crazy, I don't care. I hate this, and I wish it stayed true to the comic. Batman with guns makes no sense.