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I'm writing this review in a non-yellow submarine traveling at supersonic speeds. My therapist suspends above me with jump ropes as he's reciting Treaty of Versailles in Scandoromani with a Japanese accent. He is injecting me with lethal doses of epinephrine. I feel ambiguously content for the first time in minutes like the time I read Mark Leyner.
This is the book I recommend to everyone. Even if you end up disliking it it'll still make you a better reader and writer just because it exposes you to so many narrative tricks.
Wonderfully shot and engrossing performance by Joaquin Phoenix, but at times the script is cliche and uninspired, and feels like a daydream of a gloomy teenager.
Joker Movie by jogan
Amazing cinematography and Joaquin Phoenix proves again he's one of the best in the business. The Joker proves that you don't need fancy special effects and a myriad of explosions to make a good and profitable superhero movie.
This movie is the epitome of "I am 14 and this is deep."