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a big & hearty shout-out to the 2008 cold case episode, "andy in c minor," for precedently furnishing me with vast & prodigious knowledge about the deaf community (and which i was able to show off to my bf while watching this film)
a compilation of letters which span the whole of bukowski's (and humankind's) emotions; some are bleak, some are comical, and some are so visceral & real that it's impossible to not be affected by their words or the emotive subtext within them.
my favorite color is *༺ maroon ༻* but while reading this it came v uncharacteristically & distressingly close to blue... which is to say how good 'bluets' is
sure, i suppose this film is "okay" so long as u can get past the outrageous cribbing and plagiaries it thieves from its 1994 trailblazing & superior predecessor, 'it takes two'
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