Millennium Collection is a good place to start if you want to dive into the Pie. Most of the material was taken from the super group era, reflecting just how dynamic and creative that arrangement really was. However, practically nothing is selected from the group’s first three albums, except for two singles which everyone knows about – “Natural Born Bugie” (here listed as “Natural Born Woman”, and in an abridged version) and “Big Black Dog”. Most of the super group years representation comes from Rock On and the Fillmore live album. It would have been a little better if just one or two cuts from any of first three Pie efforts could have been included. Maybe “Heartbeat” or “Desperation” or “Live with Me” to knock out “C’mon Everybody”, IMHO. The remaster job on all of the tracks is great, and the packaging is good as well, although it would have been nice to include some pictures of Frampton, and not just the shots of the Clempson era of the group.
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