Bang or Ball 2001 Album
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The first track 'Hate in Your Eyes' bangs. Dre is the producer with Storch on the keyboards which we know from Still D.R.E. can be an amazing formula. The chorus borrows a little from 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees. As the title suggests, the song is about haters. The following 'Let the Thugs in the Club' is decent but then it runs into problems. 'So Serious' is boring with the "so serious" line being constantly repeated which gets annoying. From there it just varies from decent to poor. The production isn't attention-grabbing and much of the lyrics are likewise, being your standard gangster rap. 'Work' kind of bangs, and 'Let It Be Known', produced by QD III, does as well, featuring the legend Scarface, and Xzibit, who sounds great on it as well. I've checked out nearly all of Mack's discography and this is near the bottom of the list. Beats: ★★☆ Rapping/Bars: ★★★☆ Hooks: ★★☆ Best Tracks: Hate in Your Eyes, Let It Be Known
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