Death Certificate 1991 Album
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This is my second favourite Cube album, behind 'The Predator', with this having one of the best openings to an album you are going to find with most of The Death Side tracks being incredible. From there, while still mostly very good, I don't feel the beats quite as much on the The Life Side until 'Us' and the great diss track 'No Vaseline' which finishes the album, and Cube ain't as intense either. The content is obviously here that Cube does in a fun way, unlike some other political rap artists, with anti drug, anti gang, racism and safe sex among other things being the messages. What more can you say, an essential rap release from one of the best to do it. Beats: ★★★★☆ Bars: ★★★★★ Best Tracks: The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit, My Summer Vacation, Steady Mobbin', Givin' Up the Nappy Dug Out, A Bird in the Hand, Us, No Vaseline
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