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J. Valentine is the singer, and Bailey, who we hear more of, is the rapper on this mixtape. It begins with the artists' own vocals over well known beats such as 'I'm Sprung', 'Stay Fly' and 'Can I Have It Like That', before getting into what I think are pretty much all original songs. It really does feel like an old mixtape from back in the mid '00s. I checked this out for J. Valentine and unfortunately none of his songs excel. As with his album, 'The Testimony', there is too much upbeat R&B that doesn't hit the mark at all, often with poor production, that is again a product of its time. 'Hide Me' has a catchy beat and the other better songs are carried by their famous production. Best Tracks: I Rep Da B.A.YYYYY, Hide Me, Bailey Freestyle (Run It)
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