Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1 2022 Album
3 • 0
Nas kills it. Hopefully we do get a Premo collab album one day. It's great to hear Rick again. Wayne is annoying as usual. Joey spits well. Run do their usual thing and Remy and Rapsody come together for a decent song but the worst one here. The production is all enjoyable enough, from one of the best to do it. Some songs have no hook, and when they do it's pretty much just samples and scratches. Maybe I'm the only one, but I much prefer a three verse song than these two-minute songs that is becoming more of a trend than I'd like to see. There is something to like in all of these songs, but 'Beat Breaks' is the only moment that gets close to wowing me. Nas is the best rapper here and the beat is the most likeable too. It all comes together nicely on the meat in the sandwich. I really like Slick Rick's part of the finale as well, who sounds amazing over these types of beats, but Wayne stops that song matching Nas'. As I'm lenient when rating long albums when a few songs don't work if there is enough heat, if you're only going to give me five songs, they all need to be amazing for a high rating. 3-3.5/5. Beats: ★★★☆ Rapping/Bars: ★★★★ Hooks: ★★ Best Tracks: Beat Breaks
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