Hotel Diablo 2019 Album
3.5 • 0
There are certain artists who get clowned on, and MGK is one of them. There is this stigma with being a rapper with lighter skin that means they are judged more harshly by many. While Eminem has attributed the colour of his skin to help him become successful, which few could argue against, when it comes to some rap fans, it often works the other way. I've seen users attacking MGK's rapping talent like he is horrendous. I don't hear it. When he spits with more pace here, on songs like the 'El Diablo', 'Hollywood Whore', 'Floor 13' and others like 'Rap Devil', I think his flow is quite enjoyable to listen to. The album begins well with the aforementioned tracks that have darker production before we get the many female sung hooks that have always been common on MGK albums. 'Glass House' and 'Waste Love' are the best of them. Apart from the beginning of the album, after the first listen I was underwhelmed but there isn't much I don't find something in. The only thing I dislike here is the punk-rap closing song, 'I Think I'm Okay', and 'Candy', to a lesser extent. Best Tracks: El Diablo, Hollywood Whore, Glass House, Waste Love, Roulette
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