Illmatic 1994 Album
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The 1994 classic from Nas that almost everyone loves. This features some of best hip hop songs created with the only let down being that it only has nine tunes. If you are going track for track this is one of the best albums ever. Unlike many albums that begin better than they finish, I have always been of the opinion that Illmatic gets better and better and better. While I enjoy the first two tracks 'N.Y. State of Mind' and 'Life's a Bitch'-which are perhaps more lyrical-for me the production improves from there and from 'The World Is Yours' to maybe my favourite NaS track ever 'It Ain't Hard to Tell', there isn't a better run of tracks on an album. In saying that, 'One Time 4 Your Mind' isn't up to the level of the others, but it's a minor criticism. Illmatic is also an album that feels less dated these days than some other 'classic' hip hop albums from the early '90s. One of the classics that definitely lives up to its hype. Beats: ★★★★★ Rapping/Bars: ★★★★★ Hooks: ★★★★★ [b]Best Tracks:[/b] The World Is Yours, Halftime, Memory Lane, One Love, Represent, It Ain't Hard to Tell.
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