Independence Day 2013 Album
2.5 • 0
My main man, T-Rock, has been busy, with plans to drop a couple of albums soon. 'Papers' will be released a month later on August 20th and another is expected out later in the year. With that being so, I'm not surprised that in this label compilation a lot of these songs fail to reach true high peaks. Even the other Rock Solid Music family members, some of whom had a song on the similar 'Mafia Music' collaboration, don't come with as much heat as before. The rapping as usual is good, not only from Rock, but the likes of T.O.A. is quite Bone Thugs like, but the production isn't as good as you'll hear on recent T-Rock albums. A lot feels more like generic hardcore/trap, where for me T-Rock normally makes his stuff a tier better than that. Like the label's name this is solid, but there are few real high points. I can't wait for T-Rock's albums though. Best Tracks: Tryin to Make It, Stress
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