Kitsch 1976 Album
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For their third and final studio album of the decade the band reverted back to their original name, and had enough of a reputation to get it produced by Mickie Most. It would seem the elements were in place for a breakthrough, but instead, third time was not the charm. The album itself wasn't a problem, but compared to the first two HMK releases, there were some changes. There is more of a noticeable pop feel to these tracks, and along with it even more of a "don't-give-a-crap" sentiment from Holton which really contrasts with the professional sheen of the project. The first side most resembles the previous record with the rambling "From Heaven to Hell & Back Again" and emotional ballad "Cry for Me". But the second side is more ambiguous, even though it starts strongly on the pop-rocker "She's No Angel". By the time you finish the murky tour tale of "Squalliday Inn" you begin to wonder what was left for them to stand on. Many later editions include the single "Delirious" and its B-side "Hey Little Girl"; the former is a great aggro-punk style song.
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