LEGEND 2022 Album
3.5 • 0
I don't get the hate and it irks me when people judge off track lists. The complaining any time an artist releases a long album does my head in too. All people do on this site is listen to music. And in terms of running time, it could pretty much fit on one CD. I've enjoyed bopping to this. There aren't any poor moments. Rounds doesn't need Ross' verse where he talks about luxurious things like he has so often before. 'Dope' on the other hand is helped by JID's energetic verse. The variety of sounds, between higher uptempo tunes and more soulful moments works well. To get a higher rating it needs more wow songs. An easy album to just press play on and let ride. 3.5-3/5. Best Tracks: D1: Dope, All She Wanna Do, Fate D2: Nervous, The Other Ones, Stardust, Pieces, I Don't Love You Like I Used To
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