Love & Other Drugs 2012 Album
4 • 0
I saved this project to my to-listen-to list after his song with Bobby V from earlier in 2022 and after these 7 songs I am now a fan. Hopefully the rest of his discography lives up to the best songs on this. The opener along with 'New Sex' are the weakest moments but are still enjoyable tracks. The following 'Don't Get No Better' is dope featuring some R. Kelly flavour as do others like the aforementioned 'New Sex'. The best moments are fantastic. Good vocals, enjoyable production, catchy hooks, songs that feature variation and the features all add to the songs in a positive manner. If only more R&B got made like this these days. It's really dropped off since the early-mid 2010s. Best Tracks: Don't Get No Better, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cry 4 U
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