Mista 1996 Album
3 • 0
The '90s had plenty of amazing R&B and I feel there is so much I am yet to hear, whether it be full albums or standalone singles. This had been on my to-listen-to-list for a while as the incredibly underrated Bobby V is part of this foursome of young R&B singers. The biggest problem I have with this collection of songs is that one of the singers has a voice I don't like much. He sounds incredibly young and not the good MJ type of young. The others are enjoyable to hear croon, but when he comes in, I scrunch my face up. It's not enough to ruin the songs, but they'd be better without him. Nevertheless, this is a consistent album, but even the hit 'Blackberry Molasses' (that has the same/very similar drum pattern to OutKast's 'Pink & Blue) doesn't have me wowing. Best Tracks: Blackberry Molasses, Lady, What About Us, Crossroads, I'll Sweat You
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