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This was one of the first CDs I bought. I purchased it after hearing 'Hip Hop Hooray' whilst playing NBA Live 2000 on the PlayStation-every single track on that game goes hard btw. From there, not many, if any, hip hop groups have overtaken them as my favourite rap crew. They were great at crossing over poppy hooks with fire rapping, particularly from Treach who even the legendary Eminem is wowed by. I've written this in reviews for their albums but I feel the production skills from Kay Gee were advancing the genre from what many others were creating in the early '90s as well. The crossover skills are demonstrated on multiple occasions here on the aforementioned 'Hip Hop Hooray', 'O.P.P.', 'Feel Me Flow', 'Clap Yo' Hands' and 'Craziest' to name some. They also wrote some songs with a message like 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' and there is also the great Tupac dedicated non-album track, 'Mourn You 'Til I Join You', that I played non-stop back in the day. For ages, when I had this album I didn't know who the song was about. The remixes also add something to the originals as well and maybe it's because I heard these first, but I probably prefer the remixes. *Written in 2K19
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