Power of the Dollar 2000 Album
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I would argue that Curtis raps better here than he would on his future songs where his ability to spit fast seemed to decrease. I guess getting shot in the mouth can have that effect. His voice is also a touch different, but it's not extremely noticeable. Produced predominantly by The Trackmasters, the beats aren't bad, but few stand out and don't match what 50 got on Aftermath years later. There are also times here that remind me of aspects of songs he'd release years later. The best moments for me are 'Ghetto Qu'ran', that is rapped well, and the 'Da Repercussions', that is one of his best bangin' songs he has created in my opinion. Best Tracks: Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me), Da Repercussions, Slow Doe, Power of the Dollar, I'm a Hustler, How to Rob.
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