Soft White 2009 Album
3 • 0
As you can probably guess from the rating I have given this it's a mix of good and average tracks. The opener is a good west coast banger as is 'Street Shit' later on which both feature Glasses Malone who is apparently going to be releasing a full collab album with Mack 10 soon. My other picks are a bit less generic in subject matter, 'Dedication (To the Pen)' has another good hard beat and is about his homies in jail, and 'Mirror, Mirror' where Mack gets personally deeper and talks about his ex T-Boz from TLC and the restraining order put against him amongst other things, and is a track I have been really enjoying. Other than those four a few others such as 'Hoo-Bangin' II', 'Pushin' and 'Dope Boy' ain't bad. Overall, there is some alright gangster rap on offer which is what you have always got from Mack 10, nothing lyrically special but some reasonable beats and tracks. Best Tracks: Big Balla, Mirror Mirror, Street Shit, Dedication (To the Pen).
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