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I've generally found Gibb's acclaimed projects to be overrated and this is no different. He isn't a brilliant rapper. There are countless artists who rap with a smoother flow or have greater other strengths. The Telegraph calling him a "flawless MC" is a laugh. While some of it isn't anything new, I do enjoy some of the bars though and lyrical content. Some of the production gets tedious, which is a stronger criticism when you consider that a number of these songs aren't breaking three minutes. After three-four plays, no hook has really stayed with me either. Overall, it's mostly all likeable, but there isn't anything here that wows me. There is again the ridiculous thing artists do of adding interludes to the end of songs that are a pain after you've given the album more than a spin or two. I don't enjoy some of the features either like Ross, who raps with an annoying flow, Offset, who has a terrible artificial voice, Paak, who sings with a whiny tone, or Pusha, who has been rapping able the same fu**ing thing for 20 years!!! This is around a 3 out of 5 for me. If I liked a few of the better songs more, to a level where I could see myself reaching out to hear them again in a few weeks, I'd increase it, but it doesn't have any. Beats: ★★★☆ Rapping/Bars: ★★★☆ Hooks: ★★☆ Best Tracks: Space Rabbit, Rabbit Vision, Dark Hearted
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