Special Occasion 2007 Album
4.5 • 0
Bobby V is one of the most underrated R&B acts of the 2000s. For me, his top 20-30 songs rival most in the genre, only being bettered by maybe R. Kelly and Joe, making all of his albums worth a spin. I think this is a more well-rounded listen than his debut with many brilliant songs. The gods of R&B production, Tim & Bob, who produced almost all of Bobby's debut, return to contribute some of this album's strongest cuts including most of the songs in the album's strong tail. Timbaland, when he was on fire, and Rodney Jerkins, among other heavy hitters are also on the boards. If you enjoy your slow jamz and mainstream R&B from back in the day, this is a must listen. Strong production, catchy hooks and an excellent singer. Lots of replay value. Best Tracks: Anonymous, If I Had My Way, Turn the Page, Only Human, Can't Wait 'Til Later, Soon As I Get Home, Over & Over
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