The Recession 2008 Album
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I didn't expect to like this much at all, as his last album only had a small number of tracks I enjoyed, and furthermore his first album is consistent but nothing much stands out to me on it. With this album though on the first listen only a few tracks stood out so I kept listening to them and discovered other tracks I have liked, and after many listens although some tracks sound quite similar there ain't much I don't enjoy now. It's got pretty good beats, catchy choruses, and Jeezy introduces featuring artists at a good time and they all work well. Despite the similar-sounding beats throughout the album, I would comfortably say that this is his most enjoyable album so far. One of those bangin' albums. Best Tracks: Crazy World, Amazin', Hustlaz Ambition, Don't You Know, Vacation, Everything, Takin' It There, Don't Do It, Put On, My President.
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