Time's Up 1992 Album
3.5 • 0
The first two songs are great with K-Solo rapping with vigour. 'Premonition of a Black Prisoner' takes it down a notch where Solo gets more conscious and political as he does later on on 'Who's Killin' Who?' While the album fails to live up to the beginning there are still some other good tracks worth checking out. For an artist with two solid albums and someone who raps like fire, it's surprising this is as far as it went. He signed to Deathrow in the mid-'90s, and there were rumours he was going to put something out years ago on another label, but nothing has ever come to fruition. 1 I Can't Hold It Back ★★★★☆ 2 Letterman ★★★★★ 3 Long Live The Fugitive ★★★☆ 4 Premonition of a Black Prisoner ★★★☆ 5 Sneak Tip ★★★★ 6 The Baby Doesn't Look Like Me ★★★★ 7 The Formula (House Party) ★★★☆ 8 Who's Killin' Who? ★★★☆ 9 Household Maid ★★★☆ 10 Rock Bottom ★★★☆ 11 King of the Mountain ★★★★ Best Tracks: I Can't Hold It Back, Letterman, Sneak Tip, King of the Mountain.
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