Bust A Groove 1998 Game
4 • 0
A rhythm game needs to have good music and to this day I can't listen to most of these and not bump. All the gameplay is is pressing the correct combination of buttons every four beats of the song. There is also an attack option that can be used to knock your opponent out, ruining their combo. As combos increase the camera pans towards the player in form and whoever has more of the camera's attention wins. Some songs are harder than others if they don't have a distinguishable drum beat. I always remember having trouble with Kelly's song in particular. The graphics are quite good with strong animation of the dancers and if you ace a level the scenery also starts to jump around. One of those games that is enjoyable to relive. Gameplay 3/5 Graphics 4/5 Sound 5/5 Difficulty 4.5/5 Originality 4.5/5
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