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I decided a couple of weeks ago to finally try out Witcher 3. I play Gwent almost every day on PS4, but I never played more than a few hours of a Witcher game before this. There are things I really like about Witcher 3. The world feels interesting and even the side quests seem to have weight to them. I'm into the main story, but so much of the side stuff is interesting that I'm often distracted from it and I think that's fun. However I find the combat really unsatisfying. I'm just not at all into all the extra homework of trying to hunt down the right ingredients to create the the oils and potions I need to beat a certain enemy. Which I think is a huge part of what probably makes the combat fun for the people who like it. It's just not my thing. So I've turned the difficulty all the way down and I'm just slashing through people and so far that's tolerable, but not great either. It seems like a good game, but the combat being so poor (in my opinion), makes it hard for me to understand why people went crazy over this. Also the Witcher seems like kind of a douchebag and he's hard to connect with as a character. But maybe my opinion will change as I play it more, but so far it's not living up to the hype. Still love Gwent though (not the version in this game though, wow that's garbage).
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