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Not his most consistent album, it loses a touch of steam in the second half, but there are many high moments and the high moments are some of his best songs. I'd have about 6-7 of these in his top 20. It also features one of his more underappreciated songs. There was a recent fans' top 50 I saw and 'Jam' didn't make it. That song never stops slapping.

On the other hand, this is his most consistent album. From front to back, it's disco heaven with MJ's originality.

While there are a couple of songs that I don't adore, the best are obvious classics that will live on forever.

The back-end, that features some of his best songs, is stronger than the front-end here. Smooth Criminal and Leave Me Alone are among his best handful of songs.

In contrast to Bad, this is more front-loaded, with a couple of Jackson's weaker songs that made an album being featured.

An album that I've grown to appreciate more as I've grown as it has some wonderful songs that have aged like fine wine. While on History, MJ was angry and hard to comprehend at times, with him almost rapping on songs, there are a number of songs on this where his vocals really shine.

Each of the original songs are great-incredible with originality being prominent. The remixes are overhated too. The HIStory remix beats the original imo.

Great at times, but you can understand why most of these didn't make his albums as the quality is a touch below most of the tracks that made the cut. While 'Slave to the Rhythm' is the best thing here, I still don't think it's knocking any of the upbeat songs off 'Dangerous'. If you have only listened to the version with the remixes, make sure you check out the original versions as they are more often than not the better songs.

A few gems with a few disgraceful moments by the label.


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