Barbie 2023 Movie
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Greta Gerwig had a matured take on this childhood fantasy concept that pierces through the adult's heart. Barbie unravels the facade of multiple gender revolutionism over the years, which technically never solved the underlying problems within ourselves and the society. Just like other films created by Gerwig (ie Lady Bird and Little Women), this film focuses on women empowerment and eventually how women rise above adversities. It's not your typical Barbie film but expect that it resonates the kind of visuals you will see in those films - fabulous production sets and costumes, toy-like backdrops and flying glitters. Screenwriting was spot on and well-thought of, making it very relevant to most people, specially those having an existential crisis. Musical score suits the film very well although I didn't quite like the transitions from one scene to another as I felt like it was done very abruptly. Nonetheless, this film taught me that I am kenough and I can be who ever I wanted to be, as any Barbie should be.
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