Beware of Mr. Baker 2012 Movie
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The subject of the documentary was good enough to succinctly say this of the film, "Some of it is very good and some of it is very annoying." I think he sells it a bit short. Filmmaker Jay Bulger, who was a generation removed from Baker's commercial heyday, saw the early 70's Ginger Baker: In Africa documentary, and wondered if Cream's groundbreaking, extremely crazed ex-drummer was still alive. Not only was he still alive, Bulger found him on a compound with lots of Polo horses in South Africa, cantankerous as ever, and willing to talk. What transpires is essentially a straight, very lengthy interview mixed with dark-tinged, damaged-looking animation meant to match Baker's often altered physical and mental states of existence. However, what is not altered is his continous restlessness, wayward outbursts, inevitable clashes with authority, and the overwhelming sense that Ginger is both charmed and tortured to survive his constant careening from crisis to self-inflicted crisis. That, and, he might just be the greatest natural drummer of all-time.
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