Knives Out 2019 Movie
4.01 • 0
This is one of the three movies I’ve ever seen in my whole life where I came out of the movie theatre and immediately said “I want to see that again.” And so I did. A week later. And I would’ve again but it went out of cinemas before I got the chance. And now today I recurved it in the mail to watch at home, and it’s just as good as I remember it being. Now to be clear, while it doesn’t make much sense even though I’ve given it a perfect rating, I wouldn’t say this is a perfectly made movie, it’s not the kind of movie where a thousand movie buffs can sit down and watch it a hundred times and point out the brilliance of the cinematography and the themes and the emotions etc. While it is certainly is strong in those areas, it’s not one of those movies. What it is, however, is the most pure form of entertainment I’ve seen. Which is what a movie is literally made to be so, it’s just just perfect in a different sense in my opinion. From the over analysis point of view, there are still many pros. The set design makes the Thrombey mansion look like a fucking museum, with symbolism and details everywhere. The soundtrack, while not my taste in music, matches the movie perfectly and accomplishes what it’s trying to do with flying colours. The cinematography is great, it’s filmed on digital but then it was edited to make it look like it uses film to get the best qualities out of both, which is a great idea and suits the movie very well, and there are some shots which are really well done with symbolism and composition and the like. Whoever casted this movie is a genius, Chris Evans as someone who’s very much not Captain America was hilarious to watch, and I’m bias because I love Ana de Armas but her acting was brilliant, and Daniel Craig was hilarious and I thought his accent was great despite how others feel about it. The plot is genius with lots of twists and turns and because of the way it’s made it makes it rewatchable, even though murder mysteries usually can only be watched once because you know who did it. It’s also good to see it mixed with a comedy, and actually makes a modern murder mystery that isn’t set in Britain which now that I think about it is surprisingly rare. Some people got annoyed by it having a political opinion about immigrants but I don’t really see why, it’s brought up 4 times and it’s only the centre of the conversation once. And honestly, usually the people who complain about it are only complaining because they disagree so and that only means one thing so. Overall this movie is just so fun to watch, it’s funny and every time you watch it there are new things you notice. My favourite movie because it just brings a massive smile to my face that doesn’t drop until about an hour after I’ve seen it. And if that isn’t a sign of a massively entertaining movie, I don’t know what is.
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