Lost in Translation 2003 Movie
4.18 • 0
Love this movie. Bill Murray is good in anything he does, and same goes for ScarJo, making a great combination. There are a lot of scenes that are awkward, but you can tell they they’re supposed to be, and the other scenes between them is just packed with chemistry, and gives that giddy smile to watch. It’s beautifully shot, showing every aspect of Tokyo at its best and how the characters feel inside of this unfamiliar place. Especially the shots in the bar and looking out windows look absolutely mesmerising. It’s genius how this movie crafts such a realistic love story without it being a love story. The whole movie you’re thinking will they/ won’t they, and then you get the most bittersweet answer you could possibly get, and yet it’s still satisfying. It’s so realistic how it goes from awkward to chemistry to fully understanding each other, while most other movie relationships are either “they lock eyes, suddenly they’re in love.” Or “they’re best friends with tension”. I love howBob and Charlotte lock eyes with a sad look in their eyes so often in the movie, like they know they haven’t got much time together. The best way to describe this movie is a surreal, bittersweet experience. Absolute must-see.
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