Parasite 2019 Movie
4.44 • 0
What begins as a comedic social satire soon descends into sharp absurdism depicting the apathetic and degrading treatment of the poor by the economic elite. The escalation of violence is understandable once it is made apparent just how apathetic the house owners are to those dying right in front of them... With the rich father being more disgusted by the smell than the carnage itself. It is a very wonderfully crafted depiction. While the caretaking family does commit fraud, their actions are simply to survive and create a ladder that has been otherwise made inaccessible... Although they too themselves are not immune to the allure of the niceties of luxury... Ultimately a night of reckless greed inadvertently leads to their own demise. The ending is icing on the cake and highlights the futile struggle of those born at the bottom to ever hope to own what is held carelessly by the top. The son of the caretaking family hopes to someday purchase the luxury house as his father has been forced to hide in the bunker to avoid persecution by the authorities. Of course, save for some miracle of chance, there is no hope to achieve this in their economic situation. Performances are masterclass in this film by the entire cast. What is in essence a mundane situation is made interesting and thrilling by the excellent direction and screenplay.
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