Shrek the Third 2007 Movie
2.75 • 0
The animation was grand for its time, and still holds up to this day. Besides the animation, what does it bring. Well... it drove off some fans, but kept me around to shelter it. Artie and Shrek, in my opinion, make a great team. I love how the movie goes and shows how villains can redeem themselves and it shows how sad being a bad person can be. Also, Heart's song "Barracuda" is one of my favorite songs. It gets played in the movie when the princesses decide to step up and fight for themselves. I find this so empowering. The cons are that it is kind of a gross movie, but Shrek being not sure if he's going to be a good father is relatable and his nightmare about the babies really drove it home for me. Shrek is also afraid of what he'd do to the kids, which is also relatable. I don't speak for everyone; a lot of people hate this movie, but I don't see much wrong in it. I personally think it is funny.
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