South of Heaven 2021 Movie
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[SPOILERS] I never saw a synopsis or anything about this minus the poster, and after the first portion of the film, I expected this to be a dramatic love story about a woman with terminal cancer, but it did end up going places I didn't expect which is perhaps its main strength. One thing that was never made clear was how the main character, Jimmy, got access to the pickup car for the antagonist's child. That whole plan was put into place with incredible pace and almost no explanation. The way a hardened murderous criminal also got such a soft heart was hard to believe. On the same character, I don't get why, when your son has been kidnapped, you don't believe he had been hit by a car or why as a father you'd question anything he says after he just went through that ordeal... Then there is also the feeling that the kid is on his deathbed with his mother, and now father killed. Jimmy also seemed bulletproof. Closer to a 3.5 than a 2.5 but it has some plot and characterisation issues in my opinion.
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