Toys 1992 Movie
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What the ... is this? "It took writer, producer, and director Barry Levinson over ten years to develop this movie." Imagine spending 10 years on this mess. The vibe of the movie is just weird and off. From the visuals, the acting, the characters, the toy factory feeling unfinished. Nothing seems right. Of all of the ideas they could have come up with with the theme of the toy factory, it's incredibly bewildering that this plot is what they put to paper. I also don't know who the target market was for this movie. There is some child humour like the vomit and bodily function jokes and the cool toys of course, but then other aspects of the plot like the cheating, war plot, and language don't fit. Stylistically there is something unique, and LL Cool J is trying, but that's basically the only positives I can find. "Don't call the police because it's a family business". Haha. You've gotta love that rationale.
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