The Queen's Gambit 2020 TV Show
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Very good show about chess - actual Grandmasters worked together with the production team so the games themselves are of pretty good quality. But this show is about much more than the game of chess, it just provides a great background for the story of Beth Harmon. Beth was dealt a pretty rough hand in life, being orphaned in her childhood because her psychotic mother could not take care of her. She eventually gets adopted but even then it's not all smiles and sunshine as life still manages to throw a wrench in the gears every time it's looking up for her. One thing to critique about the show is Moses Ingram's character, Beth's childhood friend Jolene whom she met at the orphanage. She turns up later in the series again to become the Black Woman Ex Machina and despite the show lampshading it, it still comes off as very tropey. Other than that though, it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride and for sure has sparked my passion for chess recently.
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